Empowering an Early-Stage SaaS Venture

How we revitalised the value proposition and designed an engaging onboarding journey
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Project Background

An early-stage SaaS business had crafted an innovative product, igniting considerable interest and funding from potential investors. Yet, the investors found two critical areas of concern — the value proposition and the user onboarding experience, both requiring considerable enhancements.

Usability Testing and Competitive Analysis

To comprehend the current user experience, we launched comprehensive usability tests on the onboarding process, as well as evaluating the journey for new customers towards understanding the product's value proposition.

At the same time, we delved into rival products to pinpoint the main factors influencing user sign-ups. This two-pronged approach led us to identify unfulfilled needs and recognise gaps in the existing experiences that none of the competitors had addressed.

Crafting a Redesigned Onboarding User Flow

Guided by our gathered insights, we partnered with the founding team to devise a fresh onboarding user flow. Our focus was on crafting clear decision junctions, weaving in contextual assistance at each stage to shepherd users effectively.

We facilitated engaging workshops to explore a variety of options for the value propositions, ensuring these were harmonised with our user research findings. Our collaboration yielded agreement on three subtly differentiated variations of the value propositions.

Now with a defined path for the user journey, it was time to turn our concepts into something tangible.

Screenshot from Figma showing wireframes and Information Artchitecture
We can't provide the detail due to client confidentiality. Here is an overview of the workshops and user journey mapping that went into the onboarding flows.

Wireframing, Prototyping, and User Research

Transitioning from concepts to tangible prototypes, we converted our agreed-upon ideas into wireframes. We developed three unique versions of the value propositions and onboarding experiences, each having minor variations. These prototypes were subjected to further user research to acquire evidence-based insights. Utilising these findings, we amalgamated elements from each variant into a final prototype which underwent exhaustive testing and refinement.

Engaging Copy and Design

With a validated prototype at our disposal, we set about generating the necessary copy and design elements. Our team crafted compelling messaging to effectively communicate the value propositions. In tandem, we fashioned visually enticing designs, resonating with the brand identity and elevating the user experience. The outcome was a fully operational and aesthetically pleasing webflow prototype of the onboarding experience, facilitating a seamless journey from the landing page to the user's first interaction with the product.

Great UX lead to Success

By utilising usability testing, competitive analysis, collaborative workshops, user research, and iterative prototyping, we equipped our client to enhance their onboarding process and refine their value propositions. Our comprehensive design and implementation efforts resulted in a compelling and user-centric onboarding experience, laying the groundwork for continued success.

"We couldn't have done this without you guys. You guided us throughout to make the right decisions for our customers and we're delighted. Had we gone on our instinct alone we wouldn't have the MRR we do."

Chief Product Officer, SaaS Startup

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