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The Secret Sauce of High-Converting E-commerce: Mastering Information Architecture

Master the unseen hero of e-commerce—Information Architecture—to boost sales and enhance user experience. From effective navigation to robust search systems, discover the keys to reducing cart abandonment and increasing ROI.
information architecture

Making eCommerce More Human: Key Takeaways from our Recent Webinar

Explore key insights from our webinar on enhancing eCommerce success. Discover the importance of human-centric design, effective conversion narrative, the importance of storytelling, understanding customer behaviours, and learning from industry leaders like Amazon.
eCommerce UX
Customer Behaviour

Overcoming The Five Key Reasons for Poor User Experience

Despite the increasing buzz around 'User Experience' or 'UX' in the tech and business world, many of us still find ourselves frustrated with products that offer a less-than-stellar experience. Here are the five most common reasons poor UX exists and what you can do to avoid them.
Poor UX
User Research
Product Strategy

Product-Market Fit is About Making Tech More Human 

Achieving Product-Market Fit is a huge challenge for tech startups and scaleups. But by deeply understanding what users want and creating enjoyable experiences, companies like Airbnb, Slack, Evernote, Mailchimp, and Duolingo achieved product-market fit.
Product-Market Fit
Human-Centred Design
User Research

Reducing Cognitive Load for Better User Experiences

Reducing cognitive load is essential for successful SaaS products. It happens when the volume or complexity of information overwhelms users. By simplifying and organising information effectively, businesses can enhance UX, engagement, and retention.
Cognitive Load
User Experience

Why Senior Product Leaders Can't Afford to Ignore UX Research

Research won't replace your leadership skills but strengthens your decision-making process by providing user-centred insights. UX research is about merging instinct with evidence, enhancing your innate understanding of your product and its users.
UX Research
Product Leadership
Product Innovation

Creating Intuitive Products is a necessity, not a Luxury

Intuitive design is essential, not a luxury, for product success. Understanding users, simplifying design, and maintaining consistency are keys to intuitive products. Challenges in implementation can be converted into opportunities for better user satisfaction.
Intuitive Design
User Experience
Product Design