Coaching & Guidance

When you need seasoned expertise to elevate your team's skills, provide advice, lend support, and enhance your design process.

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Product Leadership Coaching

Develop the essential leadership skills to drive user-centric initiatives successfully within your organisation with our Product Leadership Coaching. Gain personalised guidance and build robust internal capabilities to secure long-term success.

UX Director on Demand

Need an expert by your side to guide you through defining your product strategy or planning a complex research project? Accelerate decision-making, prevent mistakes, and create more impact with our 'UX Director on Demand' service.

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Training Courses

Boost your team's capabilities to new heights with our tailored training courses. We offer everything from intensive hands-on courses to half-day topic-specific deep dives and bespoke training exclusively designed for your team. Reach out to us, and we'll find the perfect fit.

Recent challenges we've been helping our clients with

Communicating the value of design to the organisation

We've been working with a senior product leader within an executive leadership team to better communicate the value of design to the organisation. This leader has been struggling with imposter syndrome, and in communicating the value of design when everyone else in the team seems focused on business metrics. We've been coaching her on overcoming these challenges and effectively communicating the massive contribution product design makes to customer acquisition and churn prevention.

Designing a discovery research strategy for a product that doesn't exist yet

We're working with a Chief Product Officer to plan a comprehensive discovery research strategy for a new product. The product space is untapped and requires a different approach to uncovering user needs and pain points. We've been working closely in partnership to outline a plan and guide his team of UX researchers to deliver insights to drive a business case for the new product offer.

Training an e-commerce agency team to deliver better UX

We've designed and delivered an intensive UX training course for a small team of e-commerce experts within an agency. The agency owner wanted his team to be more confident in UX and sought our help for training. We equipped his team with the fundamentals and key tools of the UX process. Additionally, we helped shape their agency offer to include more user-centred stages in their design and development process.

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We write about the importance of making products and technology more human.

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