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A selection of our most popular UX training courses

UX Research Masterclass

An intensive hands-on course covering the core methods and processes in the UX Research toolkit. Including depth interviews, usability testing, diary studies, tree testing and card sorts. We provide all the templates and checklists you will need. Ideal for product managers, designers, and junior UXers.

Selling UX & UCD

A huge part of being effective in your UX role is convincing others of the value in user research and the user-centred approach. We give you the tools, techniques and playbook to be more effective at selling. We also cover specific techniques in selling to internal stakeholders as well as an agency to clients.

Human-Centred Methods

We provide you with the full range of tools and techniques covering human-centred design. We'll take you through the approach, the philosophy, the methods, and how to apply the approach within your specific organisation. The focus of this training is to give you the passion and drive to deliver great impact.

Designing Experiences

Learn how to design any experience so it resonates with people. Whether you are designing digital products, customer experiences, or services, you'll understand the differences between mediocre and amazing. We'll cover service design, behavioural psychology, customer experience and much more.

Accessibility & Inclusive Design

We'll provide you with practical examples of how to design better experiences for anyone. We'll give you the business case to challenge your organisation to do better, as well as the tools and knowledge to ensure no-one is left behind or excluded with your product. Become a champion for accessibility and inclusivity.

UX Writing & Microcopy

Enhance your UX writing skills with our training. We'll show you how concise, impactful content creation makes a difference, and how to craft effective CTAs, empowering content, engaging onboarding flows, error messages, and tooltips. Learn how to optimise user experience through the power of words.

Overcoming Core Challenges in Training Product Teams

Time Constraints

With limited time to train product teams, consider flexible training courses that can be tailored to their schedule or on-demand training options, such as video tutorials or remote coaching sessions.

Knowledge Gaps

Addressing knowledge gaps in product teams can be challenging. To overcome this, consider a training course tailored to their skill level, hands-on training, and ongoing support and mentorship.

Budget Constraints

We can offer bespoke and pre-defined training courses as well as cost-effective options such as online courses and workshops. We prioritise your training needs, so you can focus on the most important areas for your team's development without breaking the bank.

"This training has given me the tools to provide greater insights and drive additional revenue to our ecommerce clients.  The course content was insightful, engaging and thought-provoking. I would highly recommend this training for any other client-facing agency teams or team leaders. "
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